Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT)

 is one of the premier institutions under the aegis of Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India in the country, working in the field of “Linking Education with Culture”. Its main objective is to organize a variety of training programmes for in-service teachers from Primary to Senior Secondary level, teacher educators (including DIET Lecturers) and administrators in order to emphasize the need of integrating Cultural Inputs in Pedagogy.

CCRT had organized training programme titled ‘Enhancing Understanding of Indigenous Traditions’ for tribal teachers from various parts of our country with the collaboration of CSSM on February 18-25, 2016. Teachers from Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Aasam, Madhyapradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Orissa, Chhitasgadh, Meghalaya, attended the workshop.

Human Rights and Duties Education

A one day State Level and Intercollegiate seminar was organized on the Theme” Human Rights and Duties Education “under U.G.C.XII Plan. Four colleges of Education had participated in this programme.

Workshop on “Arts & Drama in Education”

In new syllabus importance is given to Drama & Arts in Education, in EPC 2, Course .Learners need to develop conceptual knowledge of the terms associated with drama and art on order to understand the basics of these discipline. Learner should also be acquainted with aspects of theatre management. In order to fulfil these objectives workshop on the theme

“Drama and Art in Education” was organized with the help of Natya Kala Academy.Mr.Kamalakar Sontakke and Kanchan Sontakke was the resource persons.