Graduation Ceremony

From the academic year 2014-15 Graduation ceremony is held in the college as per the instructions of University of Mumbai.

Following guidelines are kept in mind for this ceremony.

  1. The Graduand Procession will enter the Hall 20 minutes prior to the official commencement of the ceremony.
  2. Graduands and guests are asked to stand while the Academic Procession enters the Hall. All graduands, guests and members of the Academic Procession remain standing until the Chief Guest is seated.
  3. Graduands and guests remain seated for the Chief Guest welcome address.
  4. The President of the College will say, "Would the graduands please stand". All graduands must stand.
  5. The President of the College will then request the Guest to admit the graduands to their respective degrees, diplomas and certificates. The Guest will then confer the awards by saying, "On the certification of the President of the College, I confer the respective degrees, diplomas and certificates on the candidates. I offer my congratulations to you all." The graduands have now become graduates of the University of Mumbai. The President of the College will then ask the graduates to be seated.
  6. Graduates are then directed onto the stage to be congratulated by the Guest. Ceremony staff will ask the graduates to stand, file out of their seating row and move towards the stage. Please remember to take your graduate presentation card with you. This card should be handed to the presenter at the lectern. Wait at the lectern until your name is announced and then walk across the stage to the Guest.
  7. When facing the Guest:Gently shake his hand with your right hand (unless you would prefer not to);Take your cylinder in your left hand;Walk straight ahead and move offstage.
  8. Your photo will be taken when you are shaking hands with the Chancellor.
  9. Once offstage, walk around the wall of the Hall Return to your seat via the centre aisle of the hall.
  10. Once all graduates have been presented to the Chancellor, the Principal  will invite the Guest Speaker to present their address.
  11. When the Guest Speaker concludes, the Principal will ask the graduates and guests to stand for the departure of the Academic Procession. The graduates will also be asked to join the Academic Procession as it leaves the hall. This is the conclusion of the ceremony

On the First Graduation Ceremony, Mr. Suresh Gupte, Chief Justice, Bombay High Court conferred the awards.

On second occasion Former Pro-VC, University of Mumbai & Former VC, Rajasthan University conferred the awards to the graduands.